Adopt Fluffy!

**I am adoption pending!**

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Fluffy is a 1-year-old, sweet Ragamuffin-style kitty who needs a home. She loves to play and be petted. She can be initially shy but warms up quickly and is very affectionate. She is both loyal and loving.

Fluffy likes soft fabrics to lay on, sitting on window sills, and playing with toy mice and balls. She is a real sweetie.

If you would like to meet this gorgeous lady, let us know at !

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Welcome Floyd!

**I am adoption pending!**
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It has been less than 24 hours, but 1-2 year old Floyd has settled right in to his new foster home. He has no qualms about exploring any room, or jumping up onto any surface, couch, table, dresser, or sink. He is a very social cat who moves to the room where there are the most people.

Floyd is generally quiet, though he will occasionally meow if he finds himself alone during his explorations. He likes string toys and finds doors very exciting – he runs over every time he hears one open! Pets and ear-scratching are readily accepted; being picked up/held is tolerated. His eyes are a lovely orange/yellow.

Give us a shout if you’d like to meet the fabulous Floyd!

Floyd and his finder waited so patiently for a foster home to open up and thanks to Abigail, a new fosterer, we have been able to admit him. Did we ever tell you that every single foster space saves a life?

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