Darwin loves people

**I am adoption pending!**

Darwin 13Darwin 7    Darwin 11 Darwin 12

Darwin, aka Elvis in his foster home, really loves people. He’s very human-centered and is great company to read (see pictures), watch hockey (see pictures), hang out on the balcony (see pictures, he’s ok with being on a leash and loves to be outside), cuddle up (see pictures; his fur is extremely soft and silky) or work at your desk (again, see pictures). He likes to play (a lot!) and needs action around him.

Though he loves humans, he’d love to be in cat company too, we think. He became friends with another foster cat within 30 minutes, and they were cuddling the next day. He’s very confident and sweet. Although we’ve never introduced him to dogs and thus do not know, I bet he’d get along with a dog too. He’s also super goofy and makes his fosterer laugh every day.

To meet this gem of a cat, write to us at hydeparkcatsadoptions@gmail.com

Darwin 10darwin 5Darwin 4

Darwin 15darwin 3


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Manistee needs a home!

Manistee 2

What a difference a foster home makes …

These pictures show Mama Manistee when she came in off the street (left), and now after 3 weeks in a foster home.

Manistee was living and caring for her babies outside. A kind community member was feeding her, which helps alot, but she is flourishing inside.

Not only is she a beautiful cat, she is friendly and purrs A LOT. To meet her, please write to us at hydeparkcatsadoptions@gmail.com !

And where is this luxurious, transformative foster home, you ask? It’s a caring person’s spare bathroom.

A small space to call home (temporarily) makes all the difference to a cat like Manistee.

We always need foster homes. If you can help do for another cat what this foster home has done for Manistee, let us know.

We provide foster supplies, donated food and litter when we have it, medical care and we promote cats for adoption and screen adopters. Fosterers provide cats a space to call temporary home, love and care.

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