Frisky and Samba, after 30 minutes in their new foster home


Frisky (orange and white) and Samba are lovely, friendly seniors. We’d love them to be adopted together, but are willing to separate them if that gets them a loving home.

Read more about their story here:

frisky-and-samba2 frisky-and-samba3

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A portrait of Mr Whiskers

**I am adoption pending**

mr-whiskers mr-whiskers2mr-whiskers1

A portrait in words and pictures of Mr Whiskers painted by his foster mom:

Mr. Whiskers is one of the most loving, laid back, and emotionally intelligent cats I’ve fostered. He is liked by all of our friends and guests including those that don’t typically like cats.

I say he’s emotionally intelligent because he’s always urging me to rest or relax when I’m stressed or even in some physical pain (was recovering from a knee injury). He will meow at me until I sit down and sometimes even then he will sit on top of me to keep me still (smile)!

Mr. Whiskers loves to play and will chase almost anything you throw his way. He even plays fetch with his favorite toys that are small enough to pick up with his mouth and carry back to the thrower.

But my favorite thing about Mr. Whiskers is that, although he can be shy at first, once he feels comfortable he’s a really cuddly and loving kitty who just wants to be in the room and around people. He’s not picky about his food or litter box and does well when we have to leave him with a kitty sitter.

Mr. Whiskers may need to be in a single cat home as he didn’t do well with a previous foster who had lots of cats. He is patient with kids and, if not interested in their attention, will leave the room instead of attacking- yay good kitty!

To meet this lovable fellow, write to us at !


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