Jasmine, Bella, Fiona, and Elsa

Jasmine, Bella, Fiona, Elsa Jasmine, Bella, Fiona, Elsa1 Jasmine, Bella, Fiona, Elsa2

Kittens. Come and get them. These are Jasmine, Bella, Fiona, and Elsa, and are 8-9 weeks old.

They’ll be able to leave their mama Sweetness (who will also be available for adoption) at 10 weeks.

Email hydeparkcatsadoptions@gmail.com for more information!

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Bayleaf is a 4-month old kitten boy who was raised together with his 4 brothers under the loving care of his mom Lavender. He has a beautiful grey coat, with some stripey markings on his legs and tail, and a little white triangle on his belly. His fosters believe his big ears and triangular face are evidence that he is related to ancient Egyptian cats or maybe bats.

Bayleaf is an extremely social cat, both with humans and with other cats. With his fosters, he has been super snugly from the very beginning: he loves to be held like a baby, and belly and head rubs are his favorite. When he wants to be pet, he will put his little head in your hand or gently nudge your hand towards his face. His purrs can probably be heard by the neighbors! He likes to sleep on his fosters’ pillow at night, but during the day he prefers laundry baskets, open drawers with piles of clothes and other cozy places. Besides snuggling, Bayleaf enjoys playtime a lot: he loves running up and down the hall, and he even fetches pieces of string, hairbands and other toys. He is also really good at jumping to catch toys in the air. A cat tree is probably a good addition to Bayleaf’s household, as he loves to climb chairs. He has been quite good with not scratching chairs and sofas so far.

Bayleaf is not a shy cat: he has been on playdates with Hyde Park Cats alumna Sheba and enjoys those a lot! He is not scared of new surroundings or people. Bayleaf is a wonderful cat for people who like adventurous, social, snugly cats, and so far he has been good with both older and younger, outgoing and shy cats.

To meet him, please write to us at hydeparkcatsadoptions@gmail.com !
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