Bustopher Jones

Bustopher Jones Bustopher Jones3Bustopher Jones2

After busting him out of jail, we took Scrumptious, now known as Bustopher Jones, to our vet to be checked out (photos below).

He perked up when his fosterers checked him out of the clinic and he loves being at home with them, snuggling in bed and just hanging out.

Bustopher Jones is available for adoption. The vet thinks he is about 6 years old; he is neutered, chipped and up to date on his vaccines. He’s a sweet, happy, easy going and affectionate cat who does, it must be said, need to lose a little weight. We will do that gradually via a healthy wet food diet.

Write to us at hydeparkcatadoptions@gmail.com to meet him !

Scrumptious2 Scrumptious5 Scrumptious1Scrumptious

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Mish Mish

download Mish Mish

Mish Mish (his name means apricot in Hebrew) is 6 months old (as of Nov 2017) and full of kitten energy. He likes to chase wand toys and he plays fetch!

He loves to run around and then flop in front of the water bowl for a long drink and a cool-down.

Mish MIsh is fully vetted and adoption-ready. Let us know if you’d like to meet this fruity guy at hydeparkcatsadoptions@gmail.com !

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