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See who is available for adoption here: http://hydeparkcats.org/adopt/

Questions? Please write to: hydeparkcatsadoptions@gmail.com

See a full list of our adopted cats here: http://hydeparkcats.org/adopted/

Why adopt a cat from Hyde Park Cats?

Cats and kittens available for adoption from us are fostered in loving homes. The cat you adopt will be familiar with the sounds, smells and movements of life in a home and accustomed to living with humans. He or she has been interacting on a daily basis with people who know this particular cat intimately, and the foster mom or dad can tell you all about the cat’s individual personality, habits, preferences. You can’t judge a cat by its cover! And while we can’t predict the future or know everything about a cat, we can help you choose the cat who is right for you.

The cat you adopt from Hyde Park Cats may have been born under a car. It may have been a pet who was left outside, alone, when its owner moved. It may have been the victim of a grievous injury. All of our cats come to us from the streets, the alleys, the sewers (really!) of Chicago. By adopting a Hyde Park Cat, you are making a direct contribution to getting cats off the streets of our city and into loving homes. You are contributing to making your neighborhood a better place, not just for cats but for people.

Our Hyde Park Cats are just as pretty, just as soft, just as sweet, just as smart, and just as feline as any cat you will buy from a store or a breeder. By adopting a Hyde Park Cat, you’ll get the best cat in the world – for you. And your cat will get the best home in the world – with you.

We know everyone loves kittens, but there are many compelling reasons to adopt an adult or a senior cat.

All prospective adopters must fill out our adoption application and pay an adoption fee. Our an adoption fee is $95 for the adoption of one cat or $190 for a pair. This fee goes towards covering their vet costs. All cats adopted out by us are neutered/spayed, micro-chipped, tested for FIV/FeLV, and treated with Revolution.

We believe kittens need the company of another feline companion and place kittens in pairs whenever possible. Bonded cats will keep each other emotionally, psychologically, and even physically, healthy for life. Read more here.

6 thoughts on “Available For Adoption

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  2. Pingback: Welcome to Hyde Park Cats! | Hyde Park Cats

    • Dear Sarah,

      Thanks for your message and interest in Eskimo! An email was just sent to you from our adoption coordinator.

      All the best,

  3. Hello,

    My name is Adrian and I live here in HP. I have a 2.5yr old and was looking for a furry companion who is comfortable around children in the event she wants to pet gently. Not opposed to adopting an older cat if it’s a better fit. Would like to come in and meet a few you have available for adoption along with extra help in picking the right one. Thank you.

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